looking for porting the game to Steam

So, since Steam decided that sensitive content is allowed in their platform, i'm considering porting KwK to Steam. It would even include achievments (the same ones as in Game Jolt) and even collectible cards and all...

But there's a problem: Valve wants me to pay $100 to publish the game...

And I'm far to have that much money (it's even been a long while I haven't bought a single game on steam because of that... :/ )

So, I'm just making a call. If you're so inclined to see the game coming on steam like a pro game, then make us a donation. Any ammount is good, knowing if 100 people gives 1$, the goal is achieved. ^^ To make a donation, just follow the donation button in-game.

The donators will have their names in the game credits as usual, of course. ;)

Many thanks!

(I thought about making a kickstarter but it seems it's not made for that... -_-)

The funds collect is completed and the game will appear on steam in a few days !! Thanks to the generous donatos who will have their name in the credits of the next incoming version, the 1.2.0 !

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