Looking for a J-Pop singer!

The game had its first patch. A tiny patch that corrects some typos in the french version and some other bugs… but I’m not posting to announce this…

I’m here to announce that I’ve managed to compose a brand-new opening just for the game! That means we’ll have to say goodbye to the opening before but well, because of rights, I can’t keep it :p

So, while we continue to search for translators to add languages to the game, we are also looking for a singer to sing the new opening.
- it must be a girl.
- it’s great if she’s Japanese. Otherwise, a singer who knows perfectly how to sing JPop and anime songs in general would also be fine.

To Apply, send a video of cover where you sing a song from jpop or anime at contact.maxlefou.com.  the happy chosen one will of course have her name in the credits, as usual. 

Get Kare wa Kanojo (彼は彼女)

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